Shenton Park Playgroup provides a fun and safe environment for parents/caregivers and their children to meet and play. Anyone with young children (from birth until the year they start pre-primary) can join, and you don’t need to live in the area to become a member.

Your kids will love coming to playgroup, and will be entertained for hours with a whole room of age-appropriate toys and other kids to play with.

You will love coming to playgroup knowing that there is a SAFE and SECURE room full of toys and kids for your child to play with.

Why join our playgroup?

Psssst….. we’d like to let you in on a little secret….. Playgroup isn’t really for kids!

Sure, you need to bring your kid (else that would just be weird), but once you join our playgroup, what will keep you going week after week are the other parents you will connect with and share your joys, tears, questions, frustrations, and funny stories with.

They will laugh when you share a joke that has taken 20 minutes to tell in 5 second snippets due to little interruptions and demands, because they have the ability (like you) to maintain a train of conversation over extended periods of time, and they don’t need an explanation.

They won’t bat an eyelid when you rock up in your ‘loungewear’ (aka pyjamas that don’t look like pyjamas) because you needed to get out of the house but couldn’t face getting dressed.

And when you have to go for an appointment that is not very kid friendly, there will be plenty of parents who will be more than willing to have your little one over for a playdate, and would hope that you are willing to return the favor when they need it.