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Responsibilities of Membership

Constitution and Associations Incorporation Act 2015

As Shenton Park Playgroup is an Incorporated Association, all members are bound by the rules of the playgroup as defined in our CONSTITUTION and playgroup by-laws, as well as the Western Australian ASSOCIATIONS INCORPORATION ACT 2015

Don't freak out though, in a nutshell all this means is that you have a role in ensuring that the association conducts itself in a way that is acceptable to you (i.e. it is run in a fair, democratic and financially accountable manner). 

You can fulfil your membership obligations by:
1. Attending the Annual General Meeting
2. Voting in committee elections, and when special resolutions are proposed to members
3. Reading the meeting minutes and raising any concerns you have with the management committee
    It is also important to be aware that your contact details are available to other members of Shenton Park Playgroup if they are requested, as required under the Act. CLICK HERE for more details about this requirement from the Department of Commerce website. 

    As well, being a member of an Incorporated Association gives you some important rights (as set out in the Act), and you do not give up these rights by simply agreeing to our rules (should they be inconsistent with these rights). 
    All members have the right to:


    Inspect and copy the association's register of members

    Section 53 of the Act

    Inspect and copy the association's rules

    Section 35 of the Act

    Inspect and copy the association's record of office holders

    Section 58 of the Act

    Receive a copy of the rules when they join the association

    Section 36 of the Act

    Annual General Meeting

    Attend the annual general meeting

    Section 50 of the Act

    Have financial accounts showing the financial position of the association submitted to them at the annual general meeting

    Tier 1 – Section 70 of the Act

    Tier 2 – Section 73 of the Act

    Tier 3 – Section 76 of the Act

    Special Resolutions

    Have proper notice of and to attend any general meeting at which it is proposed to alter the association's rules

    Sections 30 and 51 of the Act

    Have proper notice of and to attend any general meeting at which it is proposed to voluntarily cancel the association

    Sections 51, 129 and 141 of the Act

    Have proper notice of and to attend any general meeting at which it is proposed to amalgamate the association with another group

    Sections 51 and 102 of the Act

    Please also note,
     In some situations, it may be necessary for an association to suspend or even expel a member including a member of the management committee.  Members may be expelled for a number of reasons such as serious criminal conduct, failing to comply with the rules of the association and bringing the association into disrepute.  Expulsion is seen as a last resort, when all other options to resolve the problem have been exhausted. Details about the rules and processes regarding suspension or expulsion of membership can be found in the constitution (link at the top of the page). 

    Other Responsibilities

    In addition to the constitutional obligations above, we ask that all members respect the responsibilities listed below to keep the playgroup running smoothly.


    • Some toys are not suitable, or safe, for children under 3 years due to small parts. These are in tubs/sealed containers and clearly labelled. Please consider others attending your session when using these toys – safety is our concern. If an adult is not available to supervise the indoor play area at all times please do not make toys accessible to the children.
    • If you come across a toy that is broken, in poor condition, or is unsafe, please place with an attached note on the top shelf of the indoor storeroom. Please write down the details in the Communications Book and email the Maintenance Officer.
    • Do not bring food items contain nuts to the centre. Some children are highly allergic to nuts and can have a severe reaction if they come into contact with them. To minimise the risk to these children, Shenton Park Playgroup is a nut free zone. If your child has another allergy that may require attention should exposure occur, it is your responsibility to inform other members of your group, and if necessary, the committee, so that we can work with you to manage the risk.
    • The centre is a non-smoking facility at all times (including weekends and evenings). This applies to both the indoor and outdoor play areas.
    • The First Aid Kit is located in the kitchen. If there is an accident or injury during your session, please record the details of the accident in the Accident Book located on the notice board above the craft cupboard, and also notify a committee member as soon as you can.
    • Parents/carers have a duty of care to all members of the public, including children, whilst attending playgroup sessions & activities. All efforts should be made to avoid situations where accident can occur or it can be proven your actions are negligent. Parents/carers are fully responsible for the safety and discipline of their own children and/or those in their care and they should take all necessary steps to ensure accidents do not happen. Children should be supervised at all times. Supervision of children should always be by a specific, responsible adult who has agreed with the parents to take care of the child. Members should be aware that they are not permitted by law to hit another person’s child. Action by children or adults which may place the group or Association in a liable situation cannot be permitted and every effort should be made to ensure that this situation does not occur.
    • Do not bring your child to the centre if they are sick with a contagious illness. Check the Communicable Disease Guidelines available on the Department of Health website for information on the minimum exclusion time. We also have a copy of the guidelines in the members areas of the website under "Operational Guidelines".
    • Shenton Park Playgroup recognises that immunisation is a matter to be decided by each family and encourages everyone to be considerate about the comfort and well being of all members of playgroup. We do request that members who choose not to immunise their children let us know at the commencement of their membership so that other members of their group can be notified.

    • Please respond promptly to communication sent by the committee where they are asking for a response or reply. Committee members volunteer their time to keep the playgroup running, and it is a waste of their generosity if they have to spend it chasing replies from members
    • The committee will use email as the preferred means of contact with members. However, we may occasionally send text messages instead of emails if we have something important to communicate to members, or are not getting a sufficient response through email. If you have any concerns with this, please contact us at to discuss.
    • Please record maintenance issues and items to be purchased in the communications book. Any complaints should be made directly to the President. 
    • There are two notice boards, one for in-house information the other for incoming notices. 
    • Playgroup WA (Inc) offers many interesting activities and seminars. You will receive regular communication from Playgroup WA after registration.

    Individual Members
    • IMPORTANT - Fill in the attendance register when you attend playgroup. This is a requirement of both Playgroup WA and the insurance company who provides your cover while at the centre. If you do not fill in the attendance register, your insurance cover will not apply.
    • Attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM). As we are an Incorporated Association run by members it is important that members attend to keep the playgroup operational.
    • Actively participate in any fundraising activities (very occasional).
    • Notify us of any changes to your details (including address, email and additional children) to ensure your insurance cover is current and valid. Just send us an email with your updated details and we will update them with PGWA for you.
    • Notify us if you leave the playgroup while still a registered member, so we can remove you from the mailing list.


    • Nominate a group contact to be the liaison for your group for communication with the committee.
    • We expect that all groups make guests who are trialling with the playgroup and new members feel welcome and included. It can be daunting for a new member to turn up to a session where all existing members have known each other since their first bubs were born, so we ask that members take the time to get to know new members and make them feel included.
    • Put away all toys; when tidying up ensure that toys are returned to their correct tub/sealed container using the numbers or pictures as a guide. Please leave the toy shelves tidy.
    • Wash and put away dishes.
    • Remove all food and drink from the fridge.
    • Wipe down tables and stack chairs.
    • Empty kitchen bin, deposit in outside green bin and replace bin liner.
    • Clean toilet and wipe over bathroom sink.
    • Sweep and mop floors.
    • Vacuum carpet and empty vacuum cleaner.
    • Sweep outside paving, rubber and cubby house.
    • Key Holder turns off lights/fans and secures the building i.e. double doors; entry door; and outdoor storeroom roller door.

    Group Contact
    • Ensure the attendance register is completed by all members in your session and updated for insurance purposes (located on the shelf).
    • Check your session file in the tray and inform your group of items received.
    • Ensure that visitors are listed in the visitors’ book.
    • Remind members of up coming events and responsibilities.
    • Draw up a roster sharing the responsibility for morning/ afternoon tea, activity planning and the cleaning of playgroup at completion of the session.
    • Be responsible for the group’s keys. Keys are signed for at Subiaco Council and loss will incur a $50 fee (Council Bond).
    • Follow up on any requests from the committee for matters related to your group. We will occasionally send you an email asking for confirmation or action from your group and we ask that your follow through with the request.
    • Welcome potential members who are trialling and new members to your session, introduce them to others members in your group and show them where things are. If you are not going to be at the playgroup when a new member is trialling, we expect that you will organise with someone else in your session to welcome them.
    • Notify the committee if you are having any problems with, or in, your session.
    • Attend the committee meetings as your group's representative if you have any issues or ideas to raise.

    Not expected, but appreciated!

    • Attend a committee meeting. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the centre, starting at 7:30pm. See the members communication white board for dates of the next meeting.
    • Join the committee. It is a great way to get involved in the playgroup community, use your brain for adult type things, and have an occasional evening away from those one loves best :-)
    • Offer your professional skills. It would be very useful to be able to occasionally run something by an amazing accountant, a marketing/media guru, a design wiz, a lovely lawyer, a nurturing nurse, a grant writing extraordinaire, or anything else you could offer.